Baby Wear Trend Books on Logos & Graphics for Baby Fashion Forecast.

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Minicool® Trendbook supplies new ideas, graphic designs and trends to facilitate the internal creative process of our clients.  It is a great tool of inspiration for apparel, bedding, stationery, interior, gift-wrap, decorations, stickers, babywear and childcare. Inspiration, lifestyle, trends, patterns & prints.Graphic and trend book for babies...

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The main aim of the Future Perfekt Baby Design Trend Books is to offer you storytelling graphics, with the cutest character art you will find in ready-to-use graphic books, for the babywear market & Babywear prints for textiles in the future. The new updated shape designs reflects an in-depth market analysis and attention is paid to all the little...

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A new editorial project focused on Kidswear graphics and illustrations, GRAPHIC STORIES book series: the first volume is a collection of kids graphics and kids styling patterns developed in 13 different themes, designed and suitable for both kidswear and babywear collections, where each design can be edited and customised in a girl’s or boy’s version..