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Biella Textile Trend

Biella Textile Trend

The union of these two sectors (publishing of trend books and designing of cloth) turns out to be a winning strategy, as the “style” area can use the updating of the fashion trends originating from the development of the books, whereas the part “trend books” can enrich its own product with the technical contents arising from designing.

Over the years Biella Textile Trend has developed and increased its offer and services, trying to meet all the requirements of the companies operating in the textile field with particular reference to the cloth makers.

In particular the services of Biella Textile Trend cover 6 different lines:

1) Publishing of fashion trend books for men’s wear and shirting.

2) Basic textile consultancy with exclusive and personalized supply of fabric samples.

3) Designing and development of exclusive collections for men, women and shirting.

4) Designing of exclusive virtual collections by means of CAD and printing of the samples.

5) Sale on line of patterns produced on CAD and forwarding by courier.

Biella Textile Trend avail itself of a staff of designers of decennial experience and expertise in the textile field and in a position to follow each company assuring the best service and maximum efficiency.