Moto-Vlogging kit: Must haveaccessories with insta360 x3

Moto-vlogging, which enables motorcycle fans to record their exhilarating rides andshare their experiences with the world, has become incredibly popular in recentyears. A top-notch action camera is necessary to document the ride’s spirit andprovide interesting material. We will discuss why the Insta360 X3 is the best actioncamera for moto-vlogging in this blog and offer a […]

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs iPhone 14Pro

The biggest debate of the year.Android vs IOSApple vs GoogleTwo of the biggest flagship phones of the year, the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pixel 7Pro.This blog might clear out a few barriers you may have about whichever one you arechoosing on buying, and it’ll let you make a clear decision for yourself over which […]

Best vlogging cameras in 2023

The newest trend and cultural phenomenon is the act of Vlogging. What started off as a unique style of content pursued by select YouTubers, has now spread onto every single social media platform that exists today, and that includes all formats of vertical and horizontal style videos. This blog today will help you out if […]

DJI mini 3 vs DJI mini 3 pro, which is the better drone for you?

DJI is a brand name that is synonymous with drones aimed at content creation. As acreative professional or even as someone who pursues this as a hobby, you willdefinitely think twice before spending hefty sums on top-end equipment like drones.Here are two of the latest releases from DJI: The Mini 3 and The Mini 3 […]

Which 360 Action camera to buy in 2023?

If you’re someone who loves to capture and share your experiences with family and friends, a 360 Action Camera is a must-have. A 360 Action Camera is a type of camera that captures spherical panoramic video and photos in all directions. It can record 360-degree videos and photos, allowing viewers to experience the content as […]

DJI OM6 or Insta360 Flow, which gimbal should you go for in 2023?

Handheld camera gimbals are the latest boon and gift to the world of cinematic content creation. These contraptions are built to help you get the smoothest and the most pleasing footage out of your smartphone. They allow you to unearth the untapped potential of your very own smartphones. An essential piece of equipment for a […]

Pico 4 v/s Oculus Meta Quest 2, the better choice?

The VR market is a niche one. And the companies who are ruling this space are mainly Oculus(Facebook meta) and PicoXR. And even in that niche market, we can see the top contenders given a decent budget to be the Pico 4 and the Oculus Meta Quest 2. The Pico 4 has been called the […]

iPhone vs Action Camera, Do you need an additional sports camera in 2023?

What is an action camera anyway?An action camera, put simply is a small, compact and rugged device made to record footage of your adventure-filled activities. Now those activities may range anywhere from a simple motorbike ride all the way up to even skydiving off a plane in an exotic location it won’t matter because your […]

Which is the best camera gimbal for 2023?

When it comes to gimbals, there are a few differences to be considered between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. One of the main differences is the weight of the camera.Before finding the best gimbal for your needs, it is important to know, what a gimbal actually is. A camera gimbal is a device used to stabilize […]

Which memory card should you buy for your GoPro?

You booked a trip and planned the travel itinerary. You also decided all the adventures you shall embark upon. You even decided to capture all these glorious moments and bought yourself the perfect GoPro bundle for your needs! Now you are at the final crossroads of deciding which memory card to get. Which memory card […]