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Rode Carry Bag for the Stereo VideoMic, ROSVMB
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Compatible Microphones: Stereo VideoMic The SMV Bag is designed to carry the Stereo VideoMic along with spare batteries, shock mount bands and other small accessories
It features an adjustable and removable strap, belt loops and is made from durable n- Rode Bag-SVM neoprene belt pouch for Stereo VideoMic with spare batteries, shock mount bands and accessories
Handy pouch for transporting the Stereo VideoMic
Finished in a smart black with 'Rode Microphones' printed neatly on the flap
Padded to give extra protection
Handy pocket on the front allows you to keep a few accessories close to hand
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Rode Hard Plastic Road Case for Rode 1/2 Inch Cardiod Condenser Microphone, RC5
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The SC6 is an accessory for smartphones and tablets
Equipped with two TRRS (minijack) inputs and a headphone output, it can connect with any device with TRRSe minijack input
Allows you to use one or two SmartLav microphones for monitoring and playback.
Thanks to the SC6 you can monitor one or 2 smartLavs connected and record in a single mono channel interview or dialogue between two people.
Dual microphones are recorded within the same audio channel
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Rode Zip Pouch for Rode NTG2 Microphone Replacement, ZP2
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Rode ZP2 zip-pouch for NTG-2 microphones
Zippered pouch made to carry a microphone
The ZP2 is durable
Padded zip pouch designed to protect your Rode microphone from environmental contaminants during storage
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Rode Wireless Go 2 Carry Case - Superior Material, Ample Space & Black Color
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Superior Material: Made of high-density EVA and Excellent 1680D Materials, you have no need to worry about Rode Wireless GO 2 getting damaged.
Ample Space: Six slots in the Rode Cary Case gives you more ample reserve space and options.
Flexible Design: you can storage other large items along with Rode Wireless GO 2 by removing the bottom.
Easy Carrying: The lightweight bag and hand strap make it easy for you to carry.
Quality Assurance: All our products are using qualified Materials,which Rohs certificated! Hard shell with one-year assurance.
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Rs 2,499
Rode RODECover Pro Cover for RODECaster Pro
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Fits the RODECaster Pro
Protects Controller from Dust & Moisture
Protects from Accidental Impact
Durable Polycarbonate Shell
Shields Knobs, Pads, and Faders
Allows Room for Cables

In the Box: Rode RODECover Pro Cover for RODECaster Pro
Rs 5,270