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Art, Craft & Culture at Hudson Valley, NY

Art, Craft & Culture at Hudson Valley, NY

Some called it exurban revival and some called it urban-rural confluence. But, however you choose to name it, there is no escaping the fact that a quiet renaissance bringing creative and economic revitalization is on the way up in the Hudson Valley. Creative communities are emerging throughout the Catskills, where local artisans draw inspiration from old traditions and reinvent heritage by shaping it with a contemporary approach.

The modern art and craft fair Field + Supply was created under such a context. Established in 2015 by Brad Ford, a high-end interior designer based in New York City, this annual event is a multi-day experience featuring handcrafted goods, locavore cuisine, workshops, and live music. Last October, the event was held in the newly refurbished Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, NY, with exhibitors that included Sawkille, Black Creek Mercantile & Trading, and Jay Teske Leather Co.

Sawkille’s furniture embodies the spirit of Hudson Valley design. Jonah Meyer, proprietor and lead designer, takes inspiration from classic country furniture, such as Shaker benches and Windsor chairs, then pares the design down and reinvents it. With a studio in Kingston and a showroom in Rhinebeck, Jonah and partner Tara di Lisio not only employ sustainable practices for their business, they also aspire to foster a vibrant community of artisans through their philosophy and company.

The Hudson Valley offers a great escape for weekenders from New York and is a rising destination for international travelers too. It has the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, charming roadside farms, and an emerging food scene. The products showcased by Field + Supply have given visitors another reason to come, because the event created a platform for visitors and locals alike to connect with the modern craft makers. It is a great vision for local-made and generates an exciting future for design in the region.


The design of Hasbrouck House is infused with Hudson Valley sensibility, showcasing the talent and wares of many local makers and its restaurant, Butterfield, also sources produce from local purveyors.

Brandon Schulman
Brandon Schulman


Opened in the summer of 2016 by artist Josh Vogel and Kelly Zaneto, this store is a gallery environment showcasing BCM&T Co’s hand-turned, wooden tabletop wares. It is the simple, purist and austere forms that have made Sawkille furniture iconic and contemporary.
Jay Taske Leather and Co. transforms bridle leather from Wickett & Craig, a century old tanner in Pennsylvania, into superbly crafted leather goods.

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