(Arkivia) Structured Textures Vol. 1 Design Book incl. DVD

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137 Unique Designs saved in 5 Different Color Ways.

Arkivia Books with PSD Vector Files in DVD

The modern side of those interested in style looks towards technology and architecture, to a certain type of repetitive geometries that goes under the name of "POLY" from polygon, exalting structure. The inner part is as important as the external one. Graphic artists and illustrators are already using these stylizations; it's time that the world of fashion too can access this contemporary style. The Arkivia Structured Textures Prints Book with DVD is utmost important book for lines, polygons, figures and geometrical figures. These lines and bars give the base and back ground prints for several textiles.


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Structured Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD

Arkivia Books

 There is a hidden beauty in things that always comes to the eyes of those who draw This beauty is the structure of things, the hidden wires of which they are composed, virtual and schematic lines of its forms, especially infernal that determine its external appearance.This type of geometry finally becomes stylo when we become aware of its existence and forget functions and figuration Molecules, no longer chemical, become fragments of beautyThose who are interested in technology design and architecture but also in style look forward to a certain type of repetitive geometry which goes under the name of "POLY from polygon examining the structure of things and their hidden soul. What used to be understated the structurel now blooms the main part of the Equation.In fact, "STRUCTURED style highlights the interior the expense larm so even the most common forms will be interesting, thanks to the new display of its structural components. The inner part is as important as the external one Now is for Graphic artists and illustrators already use these stylizations. the the world of fashion and interior decoration to express contemporary Vincenzo Sguera Arkivia Books.            

The Book contains a DVD with 5 FOLDERS, suitable for WINDOWS and MACINTOSH each one has a different format and contains the same 137 designs with different characteristics. Folder AI w.CS4These Files are in  Format saved for illustrator CS4.
Falderal 10v.cs4 but saved .There are all the designs with the same characteristics as Folder Al for ILLUSTRATOR 10.Folder EPS v8 ILLusTRATOR B. It is useful for people who These Pages are in Eps Format saved for or CORELDRAW. have old versions of ILLUSTRATOR, FREEHAND Folder PDF w.CS4 (victoria)
For those who want to have PDF Files in PDF ILLUSTRATOR Format, they are in this Folder JPG 150ppi, Hera you can find Low Resolution Bitmap Files in JPG format (50 ppi in RGB), thatcan be used to develop projects with lighter Files to speed up work and are for quickAll files can be opened by: ILLUSTRATOR and following CORELDRAw 10 and following FREEHAND 9 and following PHOTOSHOP and any version.

Type of FilesThe Files contained in the FOLDERS AVE PSPDF are all Vectorial this means in the first place that they can be opened by all softwares that use vectorial Designs. It is made up of exact lines that delimit areas where the colour is Thas enables the design to be brought to any size while retaining the maximum quality in the Folder JPG are all Bitmap The Bitmap files can be opened in software such as PHOTOSHOP, COREL PAINT, PAINTSHOP COREL PAINTER etc

Other Boks on prints includes the Prints & More Trend Book for A/W & S/S which is on the direction of the latest trending themes and stories.


The flies are sometimes in different sizes from the book. Colours in mese Vectorial files the single colours are fiat, without transparencies or shading off except for the ST 0015 texture. By changing the Four Colour percentages they can be the software. Each sngis colour can be saved to prepare films, calendars, looms. The background colour even white, has been counted.The copyright of wiNDows MACINTOSH, ILLUSTRATOR, CORELDRAW FREEHAND.Peano maP COREL PAINT PAINTSHOP COREL PAINTER belongs to the owners.


(Arkivia) Structured Textures Vol. 1 Design Book incl. DVD

(Arkivia) Structured Textures Vol. 1 Design Book incl. DVD

137 Unique Designs saved in 5 Different Color Ways. Arkivia Books with PSD Vector Files in DVD The modern side of those interested in...

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