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Applications of Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated in the Industry

Applications of Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated in the Industry

This post is for all the people who love colours and also love experimenting with colours. Colors are something that directly influences the soul. There are colours that instantly make us happy. So today I am going to talk about a color guide called Pantone color guide that is universally used by professionals in many different ways. I will be listing where all we can use the Pantone color guide and from where to get them easily and basically everything. But before that let me quickly give you a small overview on Pantone Formula Guide.

What is Pantone Formula Guide?

Pantone Formula Guide offers you thousands of colours from which you can choose your favorite ones. The coated one will have more saturation after being printed than the uncoated one. So in simple language, Pantone formula guides are the colour palettes in which every single colour is assigned with a particular reference number that will help you narrow down your confusion and will also help in selecting the exact colours that you are searching for. The one I am talking about is the Pantone Formula Guide Solid coated and uncoated.

  • They are available on Design info.
  • Number of colours: 1,867
  • New colours added: 112
  • Number of colours on each page: 7

So these Pantone colour guide is used in different fields.

Wall Art

Colors play a major role when in comes to wall art. Some may prefer a single color and some prefer a combination of colors for decorating their wall. So a Pantone Formula Guide will come handy when deciding the colour for your wall. If you are planning for any color combination then you can place those two or three colours next to each other and make sure if that will work out before actually taking the big decision of painting the wall. This is a savior in such cases. This is also used when making a wallpaper. Textured wallpapers are in trend these days and it’s all about the color game. Nobody wants to risk their huge sum of money by creating a dull or undesired colored wallpaper. So during such situations, the manufacturers are benefitted by Pantone color guide and their reference numbers.

Home decor

Accessorising the home is the next big deal and almost all of us like doing that. The colors again play the main role here. When all of the home decors are not colour coordinated and complimenting each other then no matter how expensive they are, that’s going to be a turn-off and would prove to be a bad investment. So why not to select and create the right shade of colors before purchasing? Here Pantone Formula Guide makes the process easier.

Textile Industry

This is a field where colors are widely used. Be it a single color or combination of colors or customizing a color, textile industry needs Pantone Formula Guide to achieve their required colors. Thanks to design info for making Pantone Formula Guide easily available in India. You can notice a slight variation in color between the solid coated and uncoated guide. This helps the fashion industry to play with colors and design clothes with unique color combinations. Pantone color guide is used by high-end brands during manufacturing curtains and bedsheets too. You can find every possible color in the color palette and you can accordingly choose the depth and saturation of your products.

Printing the exact color on an object or on a paper

As I said Pantone formula guide has a reference number for every single color. This reference number is very useful when it comes to printing the color on a paper or on an object. Let’s say if you want your coffee mug to be of your favorite color and you can’t find that particular color anywhere. The easiest way is to print that color on your coffee mug. And this is when Pantone color guide would make your work easier. There are chances that there may be a slight variation in color when it is being printed on the mug when compared to the color you are looking on your computer screen. But if you know the reference number of the color you want your coffee mug to be, then it is going to be printed in the exact color. Not just coffee mug but the Pantone Color Guide along with the reference number can be also used for printing any other things without any changes in color.

These are just a few areas where Pantone colour guide can be used. Of course, there are so many different fields like graphic designing, Adobe Photoshop and a lot more where they are used. Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated and Uncoated are used in almost every field to achieve the preferred color. To know more about its features and other applications do visit design info. I am sure you will love it.

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