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Design Info has excelled in supplying Pantone Color Books in India, with headquarters in Mumbai. It proudly boasts about having every single Pantone Book, all Pantone TCX Swatch cards and can dispatch the products on the same day. Pantone has been a universal color for decades and Design Info has a special team to explain customers about the different Pantone books helping them make the right choice in the purchase of Pantone Guides & Pantone Color Charts.

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The Different types of Pantone TCX (Fashion, Home & Interiors) products are as follows:

  1. Pantone TCX Cotton Swatch Library- FHIC100

  2. Pantone TCX Cotton Chip Set - FHIC400

  3. Pantone TCX Cotton Planner - FHIC300

  4. Pantone TCX Cotton Passport - FHIC200

New Pantone TCX Swatch Cards 8inchx4inch can be purchased if the entire book is found to be expensive. Purchasing swatch cards is quite budget friendly and at the same time can be reused.

The Different types of Pantone TPX (Fashion, Home & Interiors) products are as follows:

  1. Pantone TPX SPECIFIER+ GUIDE - FPP200

  2. Pantone TPX GUIDE - FGP200 

  3. Pantone TPX ONLY SPECIFIER - FBP200

Kindly note that Pantone TPX has now been updated (since 2014) and is now published under the name of Pantone TPG.

  1. Pantone TPG Color Guide - FHIP110N

  2. New Pantone TPG Color Specifier and Guide - FHIP230N

Pantone TPX & Pantone TPG Replacement Pages can be purchased from Design Info if the TPG books gets exhausted while using particular colors, instead of purchasing the entire book.

The Different types of Pantone PMS, Graphics products are as follows:

  1. Pantone Formula Guide Set Coated & Uncoated - GP1601N

  2. Pantone Pastels & Neon Set Guide Coated & Uncoated - GG1504

  3. Pantone Premium Metallics Coated Guide - GG1505

  4. Pantone Metallics Guide Coated - GG1507

  5. Pantone CMYK Set Guide C/U - GP5101

  6. Pantone Color Bridge Set Guide C/U - GP6102N

  7. Pantone Color Bridge Coated Guide - GG6103N

  8. Pantone Solid Chips Set C/U - GP1606N

  9. Pantone Pastels & Neon Chips C/U - GB 1504

  10. Pantone Premium Metallics Chips - GB 1505

  11. Pantone Metallics Chips Coated - GB 1507

  12. Pantone Essentials (GPG301)

  13. Pantone Portable Guide Studio (GPG304)

  14. Pantone Reference Library (GPC305)

Pantone Nylon Brights Set - FFN100 -> This Pantone Book has all the Colors in Nylon fabric.

Pantone Color Manager CD - PSC-CM100
Pantone Color Capsure - 649 RM200-PT01

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