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Style Right Sports Active Wear Trend Book A/W Latest incl.DVD
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Style Right Sports Active Trend Book A/W Latest incl.DVD This trend and concept book is dedicated to designers and product developers working in the field of fashion, sports equipment and sports devices as well as product graphics and packaging. On 146 pages you will find everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable casual and sportive men's collections:
Trendhouse Casual & Athleisure Trendbook A/W 2022/23
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Trendhouse Casual & Athleisure  Trendbookj A/W At a time when consumers are spending less on apparel, casualwear, activewear and the so- named athleisure market seem to be the only stars in the market. That's why we are so pleased to launch our new Trendhouse book dedicated to these fields of growth.