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 A new direction is glimmering on the horizon. The novel style is an expression of redefined needs: simplicity, functionality, nature and deliberate choice are subtle messages which shape new expressions of individuality and ethics. Fashion design is art that captures the challenges of our time. Encompassing a world of contradictions, crisis and ease, fundamental needs and luxury, and new approaches to individual fulfilment and collective action. The autumn/winter & Spring/Summer season marks a time in which we seek transparency and truth, in the way we live, work, act and consume. A particular challenge for everyone in the business, who has not yet embraced the shift toward deliberate choice and expression.
          A new reality of both perception and expression has triggered movements toward functional design, comfort and particularly practical, flat footwear among women. The real shoe is back, "boots are made for walking" and the casual sneaker trend persists with new design direction.
           Nature Prints is the inspiration for design and lifestyle creating new material foci, and finesse in surfaces and decorative elements, including the sole. Exceptional design does not require glamour; there is a beauty in newfound normality. Basic needs must be met avant-garde creativity, a sense of rooted truth, yet humorous to enchant and surprise the customer. Fashion is seeking to blend the lines between urban and natural, male and female, beauty and practicality, day and night to create products and styles in which age, gender and status have no importance.
          "Don't sell me crap!" A symbol of impatience and a call to action for the industry. A culture is starting to develop in which the celebration of ethical choices and desperate need for sincerity is gaining both momentum and importance. Yet, the demanding customer wants it all: design, functionality, individuality and a sense of sincerity in expression, choice and as a fashion
statement; with the pragmatic influence of a diverse inspiration of work-wear. The challenge lies in accentuating the beauty of functional design.
          The colour scale for the autumn/winter &spring/summerseason is refreshing and connecting the best from the classics palette, with a variety of natural browns, highlighted with new greens, ochre, purple tones, dusty pastels, white and bold, intense reds, orange and pink. Style will be operative: functional and yet seductive. See YOUR future with us! The icons of Creativity concept and portfolio of services guide your forward! Move on with our extras: Colour Matrix, Newsletters and Personalised Consulting. Wishing you the strength to move forward!

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