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Distributed in over 54 countries, the Collezioni group is the undisputed leader in the fashion magazine sector, at the service of trade operators, opinion leaders and anyone with a passion for images and creativity. 

The Collezioni publishing house, Logos Publishing, is a division of the Logos group, a leading international translation company.

Design Info is a leading Distributor of Collezioni magazines in India

Design Info supplies Collezioni Magazines in India. Specialised journalism with a love of images and a vocation for covering, better and ahead of the rest, all clothing segments: from men and women’s wear to children and even babies, accessories and materials (fabrics and yarn), bridal gowns and the latest sport and streetwear trends. Journalists, photographers and specialised correspondents in every corner of the globe offer guaranteed avant-garde reportages, advance news and images of the most prestigious, and emerging, shows plus focuses on famous designers and newcomers, specials on big players and previews of the hottest phenomena from the street and show business. Without forgetting not-to-be-missed styles, trends, personages and worldwide events.

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The most comprehensive preview of raw materials plus all the major textiles fairs. Up and coming trends in yarns, fabrics and accessories grouped together and then described separately with current trends under the headings of colors, yarns, wools, fabrics, prints and profiles. Issue frequency: 4 issues per yearMonths of publication: 02/05/09/12 The main...

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The most famous catwalks of Paris, New York, London and Milan organised monographs show the greatest designers and the best highlights on accessories for Autumn / Winter 2016-17 load of novelty. Inevitable trends divided into numerous Focus On that thanks to the styles and the different approaches provides a complete overview of what lies ahead for the...

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Collezioni Haute Couture & Sposa,  the true reflection of a refined, somewhat crazy, luxury is now enriched by a new section: “Atelier" created for the ceremonies and gala evening wear collections. The Bridal insert offers the best in the bridal wear universe through editorial shoots and presentations, and also covers the fascinating world of this...

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Collezioni Donna Magazine for women trends forecast has been one the best sellers. A comprehensive and complete report on the fashion weeks in Milan and New York, exploring all the innovations of upcoming Winter 2017. Collezioni Donna has the latest Trends on Women fashion. Issue frequency: 4 issues per yearMonths of publication: 03/04/10/11 You may...

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An essential working aid for all professionals in the children’s and early teen’s fashion sectors. Collezioni Bambini magazine not only contains images illustrating international fashion trends but also provides an impressive selection of clothing and accessory collections for boys and girls aged from 4 to 12 years old. In addition to an extensive Italian...

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A qualified instrument that identifies gathers and interprets all information contributing to the creation of fashion trends. Collezioni Sport & Street Magazine has the key players which are the most innovative designers, brands devoted to stylistic research, phenomena of dress, music and art destined to leave their mark. Issue frequency: 4 issues per...

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A complete overview of men's fashion in Collezioni Uomo Magazine : classic, formal, sportswear. Two issues dedicated to the international fashion shows and two issues dedicated to the  brands, accessories, knitwear. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 03/08 The latest Collezioni Uomo Magazine proposals of stylists presented on the...

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Latest Collezioni Magazine Subscription. Colorful, hot summer that we find in the next issue of Collections 03 Baby Collezioni Magazine. The colors, trends and more sparkling new season Spring / Summer 2016 Collezioni Baby are shown with a usually funny taste. Most reputable salons in the world of children's fashion and fairs more listed for the design...