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The Future Perfekt Baby wear trend book layout is the intellectual property of Future Perfekt and cannot be used for

Future Perfekt Baby Trend Book has all rights reserved for their intellectual property. It is strictly forbidden to use the mood photographs for commercial purposes These are the photographs shown on page

This Future Perfekt Trend Book contains a data disk which contains a graphics and shapes shown in the book except for the mood pictures, Listed above which have copyright

This data disk is part of the book and is not to be re-sold or sold separately For information The data disk does not contain any software. To read and use the data disk you will have to use one of the software programs listed below So the author and the publishers of this book and data disk will not take responsibility for any attempts to use the data on the data disk without the proper software operating systems for reading the data disk Macintosh or Windows software to used to open and or import all vectorial and bitmap files a

-For al and eps Adobe Illustrator CC 20153
For PSD Adobe Photoshop 20155
For pdf Adobe Acrobat

Please use the newest possible version of the graphics software listed above with older versions there is and that some files will not be fully supported All the data has been created with Adobe Illustrator CC 20153 Please note that if you open a pixel based file with software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Core Paint, they will be opened as bitmaps with limited possibilities for editing

Instructions for using the data disk in your software menu, go to file

1/ Go to open or import depending on your software
to open a dialogue box

2/ Always read files images using the open menu Opening by double clicking the mouse may call up an or message with limited impossibilities for editing instructions for using the data ds. in your software menu go to file

1. Go to open or import depending on your software to open a dialogue box.

2. Always read files images using the open menu Opening by double dicing the mouse may an error this is the case follow instructions and

3. When importing files select the image format in the appropriate pop-up menu and select the one you want and open or import.

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The main aim of the Future Perfekt Baby Design Trend Books is to offer you storytelling graphics, with the cutest character art you will find in ready-to-use graphic books, for the babywear market & Babywear prints for textiles in the future. The new updated shape designs reflects an in-depth market analysis and attention is paid to all the little details for baby fashion design which will make the difference in manufactured products. The Style Right Baby Wear Trend Book must also be reviewed which is quite similar to the Future Perfekt Trend Book.