List of products by brand Veronica Solivellas

Veronica Solivellas is the author of “Veronica Solivellas Trend Book” and went into a joint collaboration with Shoesplanet.

Founder of IDI Shoes & Bags, and also Shoes Online.

She is a design consultant for diverse corporations and has associated herself with top brands, such as SwarovskI.

Veronica has also created collections, like the one she designed with Miguel Adrover for Hess Nature. She also developed trends analysis and colour ranges for companies as BASF International.

In 1998 she founded EdA (Escola de Disseny i Art Mediterrani)  which was affiliated to ESDI – Ramon Llul. She is the director for the Shoes Master’s Degree at EDA-ESDI and Institute Modartech.

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals and international agents scattered around the world’s capitals. Visionary designers, artists, Illustrators and Communication & Integral Management experts; trained in the most prestigious schools like St Martin’s (London), Marangoni (Milano) and Escola Massana (Barcelona). We work devoted to travel permanently across the socio-cultural evolution of fashion and design, studying and capturing emerging trends

The world is in permanent change. Fashion is a way of connecting with those changes, and how people experience them. Travel to the future society’s behaviour, translate it in trends, turn it into intelligent tools that stimulate the creative process, that´s our mission.

With 25 years of investigation in fashion and design, we perform a precise analysis of future trends in footwear and accessories. Our goal is to create ground-breaking synergies with our clients, and bridge their inspirations with the insights of a society in constant evolution.

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