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A magazine for professionals: BOX Accessories Shoes, bags, fashion jewellery and stylish details are often distinctive accents of trendy fashion design are present in the latest Show Details Box Accessories Magazine. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 04/11 BOX Accessories proofs to be a professional help and orientation featuring an enormous number of inspiring ideas for the creation of accessory collections and fashionable outfits. The new trade magazine BOX Accessories provides a selection of the most interesting and trendsetting accessories from the international designer shows and presents them on all in all 288 pages with hundreds of significant colour photos, organized according to product types and design themes.

ShowDetails Magazine is one that zooms in on the runway, providing the very first look at the details that ‘make the difference’ in the new women's and men's clothing and accessories collections. Lines, materials, fabrics, prints, accessories, lace, embroidery, passementerie, cuts, buttons, zips, appliqués and every detail from the looks fresh off the runway - seen up close.

Showdetails began operations in 2005 with the publication of paper magazines specialising in international fashion shows. Over the years it has gradually increased the number of titles it produces, pursuing a line of development constantly aimed at affirming the publisher as the international leader in the professional fashion industry.It subsequently launched its own website to supplement its publications and enable it to expand and consolidate consensus amongst fashion professionals, offering a high-quality information service free of charge.To date, its paper and online publications cover men's and womenswear runway reports from Milan, Paris, New York, London, Florence, Berlin, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro etc.In the last few years, the publisher has also diversified into the production of monographs on major designers in the fashion history and market.