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About us 
RAL is the global language of colour. Since 1927, we have clearly defined standards to each colour tone using colour values, numbers and names. Our worldwide colour standards ensure reliability and provide clarity for colour selection. RAL is a well-established distributor of products for professional colour use and has more than 40 distribution partners worldwide. 

Colours are our business 
RAL provides colour users in architecture, industry, craftsmanship and design with 2,328 colour samples. Our product range includes different colour collections and systems. We also publish books about the usage and effect of colours. Additional support for professional colour usage is provided by various digital RAL tools. 

Our product lines: 
- RAL CLASSIC: colour collection with 213 gloss and matt colours 
- RAL EFFECT: colour collection with 490 solid and metallic colours for industrial and product design 
- RAL DESIGN System: 1,625 systematically arranged colours for decorative colour design 
- RAL PLASTICS: the 300 most requested colours for plastics 
- RAL BOOKS serve interior architects, architects and designers as a creative basis. They present current trend colours and inspire with numerous practical examples. All books are published bilingual in German and English, some also in Chinese. 

Our digital products: 
- RAL DIGITAL Software: with all 2,328 RAL colours and their digital colour values for the most common graphics and CAD programmes 
- RAL iCOLOURS: the app with all 2,328 RAL colours provides countless colour combinations and facilitates the choice of colours for facades and rooms 


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RAL E3 Colour Fan Deck 490 RAL EFFECT Colours
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Interior design or décor is a vast industry and many decisions and choices go into creating a unique space as per the client’s needs. In interior design the designer makes several decisions regarding the space planning, furniture type, colour and texture of furnishings, window treatments, flooring, artefacts and the most eye-catching element of all is the wall colour. The impact of a particular wall colour is huge on the appearance of the space and its décor and can instantly spruce up space. RAL E3 Colour Fan Deck 490 RAL EFFECT Colours provides 420 solid colours and 70 metallic shades for industrial production of paint.

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RAL E4 Metallic Shade Cards
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